The Charity I Support

Angel Bears of Hope – 

Maralee Halterman, Founder, Angel Bears of Hope


Founder, Maralee Halterman, started giving Angel Bears of Hope to breast cancer patients over 20 years ago.  Maralee is my cousin and I am honored and privileged to assist her and her incredible vision become a reality. 


Angel Bears of Hope are given to hematology/oncology women and children diagnosed with life threatening diseases to give them a sense of comfort and hope.

Angel Bears of Hope are given to patients at the time of admission so they can be taken with the patients throughout their battle with cancer.  The Angel Bear will be there with them during treatments, at night when they are alone, during tests, and any other time they need comfort.


Angel Bears of Hope…Giving the Gift of Hope One Bear At A Time.

Angel Bears of Hope is a registered and recognized 501(c) 3 Charitable Organization in the State of Illinois.  Your donations are 100% tax free.

Photos courtesy of Annette Barr Photography,

2 responses

  1. HI Sally
    Thank you so much for putting Angel Bears on your site.
    love ya

  2. Hi maralee I love the Angel Bears, I looked them up soon as I return from my trip.It was sure a pleasure to have met you. Maybe they can come to Hawaii, keep in touch.
    love ya

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