Leadership & Experts

Success for each of us has a different meaning.  There is no right, typical, or perfect path.  I have experienced levels of achievement through my life and my work that humble me.  I have also failed many times, but those failures or ‘hiccups’ have propelled me to create excellence in what I do.

 I do two major components for businesses and service organizations.  One is to prepare them for success.  Prepare them for growth.  Prepare them for excellence.  Whether by change management (taking what IS broken and fixing it), or creating new and passionate paths for them to follow.  Teaching them about connecting with people, building relationships to take their business to the next level of success.
Executive Leadership Training – Chambers of Commerce and Not-For-Profit Organizations

I hold a U.S. Federally Registered Copyright on Anti-Trust Guidelines (Registration Number TX 7-336-770).  These guidelines include Anti-Trust Statements, Taboos, Discussion; Confidentiality Statement; Conflict of Interest Statement.  If you need these restricted documents, contact me for more information.

Women With Power has a network of experts that are ready and available to assist you with accounting, business legal issues, not-for-profit law (including Bylaws, Policies & Procedures, Employee Handbooks and more), organizational merge guidelines and assistance, marketing, advertising, public relations, social media, logo & branding design and action, leadership training.  Special discounts apply to Women With Power followers.  Contact me at ceochamber1@yahoo.com for more information.

I Train Sales People on  Sales.  SALES…It’s really not a dirty word!

Everyone is in sales.  It doesn’t matter what type of business you have or work for.  I agree with many sales techniques, but I absolutely disagree with others!  “Canned” sales pitches, over trained sales people, or sales people that are ‘chasing their check’ I can live without.  You?  There is a better way!  People respond to honesty in business.  People respond to open dialogue.  People respond to people they like.  Plain and simple.  I teach relationship building in sales.  It works.  Plain and simple.

Build The Relationship First

It’s about building relationships.  It’s about mutual respect and trust.  To achieve success in sales, you need those important components.  Build rapport with your customers and the end sale will be much easier!  If you want to keep your customers, they need to know that you care.  There are a ton of sales people out who don’t care.  Don’t be one of them!

Get to know your customers.  When you enter their business — no matter what kind of business they have — pay attention to the small details.  What’s on their desks?  Are they drinking coffee?  Are they morning people or not?  Do they write with a pen or pencil?   It’s “trigger points” you need to know and write down.  Small “thank you’s” to your customers with stuff they use and like will take you a long way when building a relationship.  Example:  If you see they like coffee, the next time you stop at their business, take them a hot cup of coffee and danish.  Your cost is nominal, but you will bring a smile to their face!

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