About WWP!


Welcome to the Women With Power!   WWP! is an eNetworking tool/resource to empower you, to motivate you, and to activate you in your career and your life.  Join the movement of passionate, powerful women from across the U.S. as we discuss women who have moved themselves into success.

Every day we make choices both in our careers and in our lives.  Where we shop, what we purchase, how we treat others, what we eat, where we eat…the list is endless!  Your power is your passion to make a difference.


WWP! is also about connections.  Making stronger ones with people you already know and making new ones with like-minded needs.  Networking, social connections — make you stronger.

WWP! is about communication.  I share featured businesses, powerful women in business, and keynote events. I make recommendations on services and businesses.

Again, welcome!

4 responses

  1. Good afternoon, my name is Janet Contos and I am the Event Coordinator at the Joliet Region Chamber of Commerce and the liaison for the Council for Working Women. I was given your name from a friend that heard you speak. The CWW is looking for a speaker on March 6th and I am writing yo see if you are available? If you could please let me know I would appreciate it. Thank you.
    Janet Contos

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